"Wildfire Grill keeps you guessing. The butter-yellow Victorian storefront exterior says saloon, but the African masks and baskets inside hint at something more exotic. Indeed the menu was one of the more eclectic I’d seen, ranging from Italian favorites such as calamari and linguini to steakhouse staples and flavors ranging from French to Southwestern.

Our server put us immediately at ease, a seasoned pro whose easy demeanor did not make our dining experience any less formal. The clay-red walls gave the dining room an earthy warmth that still felt sophisticated. We were presented with some fairly basic Italian bread, olive tapenade and intensely salty garlic butter while we awaited our appetizer. I enjoyed a dry, medium-bodied pinot grigio ($9) while my companion ordered a strong Chilean cabernet ($6) in anticipation of his steak entree.z"

- Kelly Kingsman (Times Herald Record)

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